and then there were 4

I'm sitting here typing with one hand because Tenacious D is nestled in the crook of the other.  That's right!  I'm no longer pregnant, the pregnosaur is no more.  But more importantly, our sweet second son is finally here.  I'll tell you, that last month of pregnancy was not pretty.  I was huge, and impatient, and overdue and suffering from the winter blues big time.  I cried a lot.
You know how everyone has a thing that will put you into labor?  Well, I tried them all.  Here are the things I did to expedite the coming of the end:

- raspberry leaf tea
-Evening Primrose oil
-Acupuncture (4 sessions)
-very spicy curry
-running down multiple flights of stairs
-yoga poses specifically for helping the baby drop
-getting my membranes stripped (2 times)
-long walks and long fast walks on the treadmill at the highest incline
-regular chiropractic care

aaand I'm pretty sure that none of these things did anything except give me something to do.  Tenacious D was going to come when he was going to come (and just so you know, I would have punched your lights out if you had told me that before I gave birth).  You know what I think it was?  Setting my induction date.  Whatever it was, I went into labor Friday night and little Tenacious was born on Saturday a little after noon.  And we are so glad that this little guy is here.


Meesh said…
Amy, your little family is SO CUTE!!! My favorite is the one of you, the Bean, and Tenacious D. You guys were made for each other!

By the by, I've been thinking about what you said a few months ago in one of our many conversations while I was on a break ay work. I think that you may be a mother of boys to show them how to love openly, how to be strong while being gentle, and what true masculinity is all about. Here's to you, dear sister, a truly great mother of boys in the making.
Rob said…
Congratz! You guys did good. What a cutie.

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