Oh, blog, I haven't abandoned you...yet

I've been really tired, folks.  It's been hard to justify blogging when the kitchen floor hasn't been cleaned in, um, a while, and the laundry's piling up.  But I am on the other side of the first trimester, I had a huge salad yesterday and loved it, and things are looking up.  So I thought I'd do a picture update on the Bean's illustrious life.  

He's been getting better at riding his tricycle, though he doesn't really like to pedal up hill.  But then, who does?

 Safety first.  Even in the stroller.  Actually he went through a week where he just wanted to wear his helmet at all times.  I think he even ate a few meals with it on.
 This is my dare-devil son, giving Pooh a kiss on the nose.
 Bean's favorite thing about Target is the big concrete balls outside.  He gets mad whenever I finally pull him away.
 Just modeling the latest headwear whilst picking a winner.
 Having a delicious brunch with Dada in Concord.
 We finally (found on the side of the road) got him a sandbox.  He likes to go there and contemplate the finer things in life.  Eating sand, watching for bunnies, you know, stuff like that.

I'm not even half done with this update, we take a lot of pictures of this little guy.  


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