The best two years

Bean has grown so much.  Yesterday, as I sat at the piano reviewing some music he came up to me, climbed on the piano bench and said "Hi sweetie!" and then sat next to me and echoed each phrase (well, the toddler version of each phrase) I sang.  It was awesome.  So much has happened in the last two years.  Without fail, every night when I count my blessings and thank God for them,  my son is the first and best blessing on the list.
We celebrated Bean's birthday in North Carolina visiting our dear friends the Wade's.  Emily was my MTC companion (the missionary companionship against which all others are judged.) and it was heaven to see her, her husband and their beautiful little girl!  Bean had a few firsts that weekend.  First kiss (on the mouth, with Asha, in Sacrament meeting!  Scandal!), first bath with a girl

(the best part was when she tried to reach for the only body part she noticed that was different from hers.  Don't worry, we stopped her) and first time on the best piece of playground equipment ever made:

 All in all, it was a weekend and a birthday to remember.


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