It was... Epic

Everyone's birth story is different. My mom said it best when she said that having children doesn't make you an expert on childbirth, it makes you an expert on your own childbirth experience. So this is my story.

On Tuesday June 1st at school around 1pm my water broke. Determined to stay calm, I returned to class, finished verifying my grades and called the principal to let them know (after calling my doula and my midwife to make sure my water had really broken and I hadn't just suddenly become really incontinent). I got in the car and drove to pick up Jeff from his work and then as we switched sides of the car my water kept coming. Seriously, I had no idea there was so much amniotic fluid in there. So we went home and got set up for the event we thought we had two more weeks to prepare for.

At 8-ish my contractions were about 3-5 minutes apart so we decided to mosey up to Park City for the big event. Our fantastic doula, Laura Bikman, also moseyed up there.

We arrived, checked in, I got naked, and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride really began. My midwife had told me that though I had never experienced labor contractions before, it was like throwing up - even if you've never done it before you'll know when it's happening. Boy howdy did I know. Again, epic.

For those contemplating a doula for their birth, HIRE ONE. Don't pass go, don't collect $200. Got out and get one now. Laura was awesome. She was like the expert coach who always knew what to do and how to help me make it through the intense part of each contraction.

So, now I'm going to skip a bit. It was a long night, I made it with out any drugs but I admit to having requested a Tylenol at one point (no I didn't take one). I'll sum up: sooo tired, sooo intense, so unlike anything else I've ever experienced. Having gone through it, I feel I am a stronger person because of it.

At around 5 am something called the forebag broke (it was right over my cervix - I know - TMI) and allowed Bean's head to descend when it had been fairly high. He descended quickly. My midwife had been sick the night before, so she wasn't there yet. All of the sudden this baby was coming and NOW. Danielle, my midwife had just enough time to put on her gloves (actually she had to tell me "Amy! Pant!" so she could get the second one on) and Beck was born.

Giving birth was the hardest, most incredible thing I have ever done, hands down. Seeing that little head and body emerge was, indescribable. I am in awe of the act of creation, what my body can do, and the beauty of this new little life. And so, I say again. It was epic.

Next post: the NICU


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