We went to Boston last weekend, to check out the scene there, (we've decided it's pretty awesome and we want in, but that's another blog entirely) celebrate my birthday and visit with some friends. It was a great weekend. We stayed two nights in the city and then two nights with our friends Kate and Eric. Kate is due just 10 days before me. We had so much fun being pregnant together, comparing bellies (her belly button has popped and I don't think mine will) and doing a little late night prenatal yoga. Pregnant women definitely get more positive attention in the East, especially in the city. I loved every minute of it.

Not only that, but my dear friend, Kristi came down from Maine with her beautiful little girl Ava to see us on Saturday. We went to this amazing muffin shop (perhaps planting the seed for my new obsession?) near Kate and Eric's house, and caught up on a lovely walk around the lake.

The weather in Boston was way better than what those poor blighters where experiencing in Utah. I even got a bit of a sunburn (well, that's not saying much, but the weather was still lovely!)


Erika said…
You and Katie look so cute. I love it! So is it a race?

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