Happy Anniversary!

One year ago I was kneeling across from my would-be husband hoping I wouldn't miss the part when I agreed to be his forever. I kept saying it in my head so I'd be ready... Well, obviously I didn't miss my cue, and we've been engulfed in waves of matrimonial bliss ever since. Seriously, being married is definitely wicked awesome. I think it is the most fantastic, challenging, exciting thing I've ever done.
So, obviously from the pictures above, we went to a soccer game on our anniversary. Real Salt Lake played really well, and we got these kick-butt front row seats from Jeff's sister Jen. It was a great day and the game rounded it off nicely. Go Real! (it's pronounced Ray-al because it is originally a Spanish team name meaning 'royal'). While I'm at it; Go us!!! Go marriage!!!! Yay Love!! So here's to one year under our belts and forever to go!!! I love you sweetie...



Nicole Petersen said…
Happy anniversary Amy! Your post was so cute and heartfelt! I am glad to hear it!

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