They say it's your birthday

We played pool, we laughed, we ate tart, the Jazz won, a good time was had by all. Let me say it one more time, today was Jeff's golden birthday, I've been reminding him all day because I'm so enamoured with the concept. For those unwashed masses who have no idea what a golden birthday is (I recently left your ranks about three days ago) it is the day you turn the same age as the day of your birth. For example, my golden birthday was when I turned three since I was born on the third of May. I kind of wish I was born on a later date in May so I could remember my "golden birthday" and who came up with it? Why is it golden? Why not platnum? Why not silver? Does it mean you've attained some level of greatness or intuitive prowess? Does that mean I just got to that level when I was three? I was a pretty great three year old you know. But back to the actual event at hand, Jeff is a fantastic 26 year old. The best, truly. If there is any prowess or greatness associated with this birthday, well then he's earned it. So here's to golden birthdays, the birth of my sweetie, and achieving greatness at any age.


katherine said…
dang, i am bummed we missed the fun. after a long day of shooting, i could not move. but, we send our happiest and warmest birthday wishes your way! it looks like fun!!

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